Sincere notification letter

Dear xxx: We was informed by our raw material suppliers that the shortage of the chips will be more serious than last year. Copper and tin metals have increased prices by a large amount. In order to ensure the on time delivery, we have to pre-purchase the raw materials needed for production on a large scale at the increased prices. If you have any  purchase plan for thermostat, please send me the quantity. The raw materials needed for production will be left to you. Your profit will be guaranteed. We thank you in advance  for you cooperation understanding during this difficult time. Looking forward to your reply. BR.

The difference between Zigbee and z-wave

The difference between Zigbee and z-wave Among the communication protocols of smart homes, wifi, zigbee and z-wave are commonly used at present, and the three protocols […]

Fresh start

Spring returns to the earth, everything revives, and the new year begins again. Beca has also started a new journey, we will continue to work hard […]